Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Efficient Social Media Strategy Template

Nobody can deny the power of social media nowadays. Social media is everywhere. Business owners, whether they have a big or small business, are advised to establish a strong social media presence to assure that they are at par with their competitors. A lot of people are very active in different social networking site and it will be no wonder if it takes over television as the best advertising and marketing platform.

This is why it is important to know everything there is to know about social media – its features, it purpose, its statistics, and the demographics of each social media site. This will teach business owners how to use social media to its full potential and take advantage of each of its features for the business’s benefit.

Primary Information

A business owner needs to get to know his or her business deeper. What is the business all about? What is the current status of the business? Who will be assigned to handle the social media accounts to keep it updated, acknowledge and answer questions and comments? The business owner should also choose which social networking sites they will be creating an account with. They should also set their expectations as to how being active in social networking sites will help the business. It would also help a lot if the business owner already has an idea on what he or she will be placing as contents of the social media page.


Planning is very important. It is a major leap towards social media. The business owner should have a concrete plan on how to use the social media to help the business. They should know what content can illicit the response that they want from their social media readers. This is also the perfect time for business owners to get to know the different social networking sites. They should learn a lot aside from the basics that Facebook is the most used site and that Linkdin on the other hand, is mostly used b professionals. These bits of knowledge will help business owners identify and plan the most effective tone of voice to be used in the social media posts as well as the contents that they will post in their business page.


Business owners should have a SMART goal or objective. It should be specific. They should have a clear vision on what they want to happen in their social media page. It should be measurable or observable. There should be a definite point that will identify whether the goals were achieved or not. It should be achievable or realistic. It should be relevant or there should be focus on the goals. Lastly, it should be time-bound or a specific deadline should be set.


Business owners should know their products or services more than anybody else. This will ensure that they are capable of answering questions from customers. They should also know a lot about the product to plan some innovations to serve their customers better.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Black and Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper/Vac

There are some parts of the house that cause home owners headaches when it is time for cleaning. These parts include patios, walkways, garages, and decks. Fortunately this task is made easier by Black and Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper/Vac. Switching from a sweeper into a vacuum is effortless. It is perfect for cleaning different parts and corners of the house efficiently. It is a hard surface sweeper vacuum and it costs $149.00 if purchased through Amazon.

Black and Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper/Vac: Features

  • It has a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery that allows users to maximize the use of the sweeper/vacuum as they can move from one part of the house to another without having to carry and extension just to make these spots reachable. Its rechargeable battery has power of 36V. It has an accurate speed control which has six settings that users can set depending upon what is needed in a particular spot in the house. Its speed may reach a maximum of 120 mph.
  •  It is very light that it may even qualify as a portable device. It has a built in scraper for easy cleaning. It only weighs 6.9 lbs.
  • In contrast to the conventional vacuum, the Black and Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper/Vac is relatively quiet. It will not bother the whole neighborhood whenever the house owner uses it.
  • This device collects all the waste and places all of it in a half-bushel bag.
  •  The blow tube allows users to manually remove stuck debris and other materials. It may be used with the Black and Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper/Vac’s built in scraper.
  • It is also comfortable to use with its soft grip handle. This handle also prevents the device from slipping from the user’s hand. Its black and orange color makes it look sleek, high-powered, and sophisticated.
Black and Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper/Vac: Lithium Battery

One of the features that people consider to be an advantage of this device is that it uses lithium ion battery. Although Lithium Ion batteries are small, it contains as much power as conventional batteries, even more probably. It also has a long life cycle compared to other types of batteries. It takes about an hour to be fully-charged and is ready to use right after charging.

Black and Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper/Vac: Total Package

It costs $150 which is reasonable considering the time and effort it saves the user plus the convenience of having a thoroughly clean house.
The Black and Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper/Vac comes with a battery, a charger, a blow tube, a collection bag, a user’s manual, and a vacuum tube.

Black and Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper/Vac: Amazon Customer Review

Customers rave about the battery life which lasts for half an hour despite the short time it takes to charge which is just one to two hours. These are the advantages of using a Lithium battery and a quick charger. Aside from the immediate effect of longer battery life, Lithium also lasts year after year. It is also easy to use and even first-time users are sure to be able to use it even without doing much reading on the user’s manual.

Rated 4.2 out of 5, the only complaint customer have about it is that it is a bit expensive. However, considering its efficiency and how it was rated by most users, it seems to be worth the price.
The Black and Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper/Vac can clean any imaginable kind of debris. After using this device, the user will be amazed at his or her immaculately clean patio and walkway among many other parts and features of their house. However, it is not recommended for use in spots covered with grasses and flower beds.


The Black and Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper/Vac is one of the best sellers in different online stores. Black and Decker LSWV36 Cordless Sweeper/Vac is lightweight yet power-packed. It is a quieter, more efficient innovation of the conventional sweeper or vacuum. Some recommended purchases with this device are protective glasses, extra lithium batteries for non-stop vacuuming and sweeping sessions, and a pruning saw. With all of these, the person will be read to take on backyard challenges so click HERE and get one now!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bikini Line Shaving Tips for Women

A lot of people put up with razor burns, bumps, irritation, and nicks from shaving because most of them think that all shavers are the same. However, following some bikini line shaving tips for women will help them know what they should look for when choosing their shaving device so that they will be able to enjoy optimum results sans these mentioned shaving problems.

Most devices used to shave personal areas with rotary razors feature round foil holes. However, to make sure that the shaving device will not pull on hair or bite the skin, users should look for ones with square holes instead. These square holes have blades underneath that cuts the hair. However, with round-holed ones, the hair is pulled before it is cut. One of the best bikini line shaving tips for women is to know everything to know about how their shaving devices actually work. This will also help them understand why some shaving methods are painful yet inefficient.

Kemei Electric Shaver is one of the best shaving devices available in the market. When purchased, it comes with baby powder in a refillable container, batteries, cleaning brush, and a travel pouch so users can bring it with them no matter where they goo. It comes with everything they need to shave personal areas whenever and wherever they want to.

Kemei Electric Shaver is an innovation from the best shaving devices in the market. It took years of study to produce this excellently efficient shaving device. It has a rotating head and it is battery-operated. It is used for dry shaving so users can save money from shaving gel, cream, or foam purchase. Instead, all they need to use is baby powder which is distantly cheaper compared to shaving gel, cream, or foam.

Aside from women, this may also be used by men for a close shave without their biggest shaving nightmares which are razor burns, bumps, irritation, and nicks.

Shaving in style is always possible with Kemei. The shaving device comes in black, white, and silver and has a slick, futuristic look. Well, it is a thing of beauty, for beauty after all. Get your Kemei Electric Shaver! Click HERE now!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Alpha Jym Testosterone Booster – Brings out the Alpha Male in you!

An alpha male has different characteristics that set him apart from all the others. An alpha male is confident. He is confident because he knows his strengths and he knows what to do about his weaknesses. Alpha Males do not care much about what other people think of him because he knows himself and do not rely on other people’s affirmation. Because of their confidence, they are not afraid of physical contacts may it be out of love or even for some friendly physical competition. They are also calm because they know that they do not have anything to worry about. That is because they have the strength and capability to handle whatever life throws them.

Alpha males are also competitive – not necessarily with others but mostly with themselves. They are always looking for ways on how to improve themselves and are constantly on the lookout to make the most of what they are given. He has a strong presence and he does not have to do anything to command the attention of others. Aside from their presence, they are also physically strong because he takes care of his body and his health. Another secret that alpha males have is the Alpha Jym Testosterone Booster.

Benefits - What can Alpha Jym Testosterone Booster do for you?
  • It can make you lean. While most testosterone boosters help you burn fat in your body, Alpha Jym helps you do more than that. Aside from burning fats, it also helps you get shredded so it leaves your body lean and sexy.
  • It can make you pack muscles. You may wonder why you never seem to get the results that you expected even when you go on a diet and spend hours on exhausting exercises inside the gym. The problem is that your muscles are usually covered with layers of fats. With Alpha Jym, you get rid of those fats that cover your muscles so the real shape of your muscles will show. The result is beautifully cut muscles that other men will admire and women would love to hold. In just a matter of weeks, Alpha Jym can help you put on at least 20 pounds of lean muscles.
  • It can make you stronger. Your big muscles will not be all about the size. Aside from the increase in size, it will also increase your muscles’ strength. Therefore, your body is not just nice to look at. It can also make you capable of executing physically taxing tasks with ease.
  • It can help you recover faster. The problem with intense bodybuilding workout is that it damages your muscles and sometimes it becomes too painful that you are not able to follow through the next day. Alpha Jym makes your muscles heal faster so you can go on and on for optimum bodybuilding workout results.
  • It can boost your stamina. Aside from your strength, it will also help increase your stamina. This means that aside from being capable of performing physically demanding tasks, you will also be able to do it longer. This means that you can accomplish more in your career, in your hobbies or interests, as well as your intimate time with your partner.

It boosts your body’s testosterone production. As your testosterone supply dwindles as you go older, your body feels so old that it loses its youthful feel as well as your body’s functions. Alpha Jym ingredients increase the amount of testosterone in your body to restore its youthful characteristics. Likewise, it enhances the anabolic properties of your testosterones so it becomes more efficient in burning fats and in giving your muscles beautiful cuts. It also locks in the testosterone in your body so you will not lose any more testosterone that may cause functional decline if not kept inside your body specifically in your brains as well as your testicles.

It enhances your male functions. It enhances the antioxidants in your testicles so that your male organ is always in its best condition to function. It means that you get harder and longer erection, giving your partner more and better pleasure.

  • Fine Fenugreek – This ingredient is not just good for your muscles but also for your general health. This herb maintains healthy blood cholesterol levels, improve overall digestive health, reduces inflammation in and out your body, boosts your libido, and boosts bodybuilding workout results.
  • Amazing Ashwagandha – Its roots help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, helps lower the risk of different kinds of cancer, reduces “stress” hormones or cortisol levels, controls anxiety and depression, boosts testosterone production, improves male fertility, boosts muscle mass, increases strength, cures inflammation, maintains healthy blood cholesterol levels, and improves brain health and functions.
  • Dazzling Diindolylmethane – It decreases the risks of cancer and promotes weight loss. This is also found in broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage.
  •  Excellent Eurycoma Longifolia – Also known as Tongkat Ali, it is the ultimate ingredient for male health. It boosts testosterone production, increases muscle strength, improves male fertility, it makes you lose weight, it reduces stress, it solves male osteoporosis, it fights different kinds of cancer, it reduces anxiety, it boosts your immune system, it lowers blood pressure, it cures inflammation, and gets rid of parasites
  •  Dandy Damiana – It boosts male health and gives you better erections, it reduces stress and anxiety, and it improves your digestive health.
  • Quick Quercetin – It cures inflammation, it improves your heart’s health, it boosts your endurance, it maintains your skin’s health, it prevents allergies, it eases pains, and it helps prevent different kinds of cancer.

Pros and Cons – Weighing it

It greatly improves your general health and makes you perform better in work, in sports, and in bed. In some rare cases, it causes mild acne problems.

Conclusion – The Verdict

With little to no chances of experiencing side effects, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain so it is safe to say that Alpha JymTestosterone Booster is a worthwhile investment. Click HERE to get it now!

Friday, March 9, 2018

EAPP Lesson Plan (DLL) Week 2

Grade Level
Learning Area
Teaching Dates and Time
July 10-14 2016, 7:30-8:30

Students should have established a clear idea of effective and ineffective strategy in writing an abstract, précis, or summary.

Students should have written an abstract, précis, or summary about Filipino movies.

Students should have revised the draft of their abstract, précis, or summary effectively.

Students should have…

A. Content Standards
The learner acquires knowledge of appropriate reading strategies for a better understanding of academic texts.
B. Performance Standards
The learner produces a detailed abstract of information gathered from the various academic texts read.
C. Learning Competencies/Objectives



A. References

   1. Teacher’s Guide Pages

   2. Learner’s Material Pages

   3. Textbook Pages

   4. Additional Materials from  Learning Resources
Communicate Today-EAPP pp.124-127
Communicate Today-EAPP pp.129-132

Communicate Today-EAPP p.132

B. Other Learning Resources


A. Reviewing previous lesson or presenting the new lesson
Ask learners to create and fill out a semantic web on communication.
Ask learners how they feel about using the English language.

Ask learners to evaluate themselves, if they feel healthy or not.
Ask learners if they like chewing gum and what their favorite gum is.
B. Establishing a purpose for the lesson
Ask learners about the importance of communication.
Ask learners about what they remember about the earliest forms of language.

Ask learners what they know about calories.
Ask learners what they know about Wrigley’s chewing gum.
C. Presenting examples/instances of the new lesson
Hand to Mouth (LM pp.3-9)
A Brief History of English (LM pp.129-132)

Understanding Calories (LM p.19)
Wrigley’s Chewing Gum (LM p.20)
D. Discussing new concepts and practicing new skill #1
What is an Abstract, Précis, or Summary? (Communicate Today-EAPP p.124)
Let’s Practice Communicate Today-EAPP pp.129-130)

Major Paper C (Communicate Today–EAPP p. 132)
Other Reading Strategies – SQ3R Method of Reading (Communicate Today-EAPP p.10)
E. Discussing new concepts and practicing new skill #2
Structure of an Abstract, a Précis, or Summary (Communicate Today-EAPP pp.124-126)
Summary of Abstract, Précis, or Summary general evaluation. (Communicate Today-EAPP p.130)

Major Paper D (Communicate Today-EAPP p. 132)
Other Reading Strategies - KWL Method (Communicate Today-EAPP pp.10-11)
F. Developing Mastery
Guidelines in Writing an Abstract, Précis, or Summary (Communicate Today-EAPP p.127)
Major Paper (A) (Communicate Today-EAPP p.131)

Major Paper E (Communicate Today-EAPP p. 132)
Tell learners about how the Wassenaar Beach Resort was established and about its owners and manager.
G. Finding practical applications of concepts & skills in daily living
A Failure to Communicate (Video)
Ask learners about instances when they simply have to use the English language.

Ask learners about specific events in their lives when they needed to have extra energy.
Ask learners what they expect to learn from Wassenaar Beach Resort, the work immersion partner of JIS.
H. Making generalizations & abstractions about the lesson
Ask the learners about the negative results of lack of clear communication.
Ask the learners about the importance of being good in English.

Ask the learners why they think some people count their calories.
Ask learners about the importance of knowing the history or origin of a product or a service provider.
I. Evaluating Learning
Checking for Understanding (Communicate Today-EAPP p.127)
Major Paper (B)  (Communicate Today-EAPP pp. 131-132)

Major Paper F (Communicate Today-EAPP p.132)
Ask learners to annotate the article, “Carlton Hotel Singapore – Modern Luxury that you deserve” by Ma. Angelica Maghinang - Domingo