Sunday, May 21, 2017

Filipino Declamation Piece - Walang Forever

Walang Forever

“Ay, Magkikita na kami sa wakas!” Napatilo ako nang mabasa ko ang mensahe ni Andoy. “Hoy! Bakit ka naman makkipagkita dyan, eh hindi mo naman kakilala yan. Mamaya mapahamak ka pa dyan eh,” sabi ni Filomena, ang aking matalik na kaibigan. “Alam mo, ikaw, kontrabida ka talaga. Ano naman? Kaya nga makikipagkita eh para makilala ko na itong ka-textmate ko sa personal. At saka, isasama ko naman kayo. Doon kami Magkikita sa Busay,” sagot ko. “Aba, at idinamay mo pa kami,” sabi niya. Tumalikod ako at nagpapadyak. Wala pa man ay kinikilig na ako. Naiisip ko na kung ano ang itsura niya. Siguro, kamukha siya ni James Reid. Mayroon siyang anim na pan de sal, tapos, yung mala-Adonis niyang braso. Oh, my!
Ano kaya isusuot ko? Ito ba? Ito kaya? Eto? O Eto? Uhm, ang hirap namang pumili. Dapat sexy ako tignan pero mukha pa ring mahinhin. “Pahiram naman ako ng bestida mong itim Filo,” sabi ko sa aking kaibigan. “Bestida? Sa Busay? Yung totoo? May pictorial ka? Tanong niya. Ang damot mo naman. Siyempre, bestida muna. Para mukhang presentable tignan. Magbabaon na lang ako ng pampaligo. Yung one piece para mareveal ang aking sexy body,” sagot ko. “Sige na nga, bahala ka.”

Makalipas ang ilang araw, dumating ang aking pinakahihintay na pagkakataon. Halos di ako makatulong at makakain sa sobrang pananabik. Hindi ko na mahintay ang mamaya at sa wakas, Makikita ko na ang aking prince charming. O, aking irog na Andoy!

“Lilit, ikaw bay an?” tanong ng isang boses na makikilala ko yata kahit saan ko marinig. Pagharap ko, halos hindi ko mapigilan ang sarili na manlumo. Walang James Reid, walang pan de sal, walang Adonis, walang himala! “Ah, ikaw bas i Andoy?” tanong ko. Natawa siya. “Parang hindi ka naman masaya na makita ako ah,” sabi niya. “Hindi ah. Masaya naman no? Siyempre.” Sagot ko sa kanya. “Ang ganda mo pala lalo sa personal,” sabi niya na may ngiti sa mga labi. “Uhm, maliit na bagay. Wag mo nang sabihin, uy. Nahihiya ako eh. Char lang.”

Pinakilala ko siya sa aking mga kaibigan. Medyo dismayado man, naging masaya naman ang aming kwentuhan dahil mahilig siyang magpatawa. Hindi ko man nagustuhan ang kaniyang itsura pero at least, napagtanto ko na wala naman sa itsura ang pagmamahal. Nagkalapit kami at hindi naglaon, naging kami na.

Tatlong buwan na kaming magkarelasyon nang una kaming mag-away. “Mahal mo ba ako talaga?” tanong ko. “Oo naman,” agad niyang sabi. “Yung profile pic ko, nakita mo ba?”tanong ko. “Oo, ni-like ko pa nga eh. Ang ganda mo dun. Proud ako sa iyo,” sabi niya. “Proud ka? Seryoso ka diyan?” agad kong sabi. “Oo. Seryoso ako. Palagi naman akong seryoso pagdating sa iyo,” sabi niya. “Ayoko na. Niloloko mo lang ako. Hindi mo ako mahal,” sabi ko. “Bakit naman?” tanong niya. “Hindi mo pinusuan. Kung talagang mahal mo ako, hindi lang dapat like. Dapat puso! Puso!” paliwanag ko. “Yun lang? Ganun kababaw? Sasayangin mo ang tatlong buwan?” tanong niya. “Mabuti nang masayang ang tatlong buwan na nakaraan kaysa masayang ang mga susunod pang taon.” Sagot ko sabay alis. Hindi niya ako hinabol. Hindi niya ako pinigilan. Hindi niya ako tinawag. Hindi niya ako mahal.

Pinunit ko ang lahat ng aming litrato. Binura ko ang numero niya sa cellphone ko. Inunfriend ko siya sa Facebook. Binlock ko pa. Bitter na kung bitter pero nasaktan ako. Nagbilin ako sa nanay ko na kapag pumunta siya, sabihin na wala ako, natutulog, may sakit. Sakit sa puso na hindi magamot-gamot nino man.

Hindi siya pumunta. Walang bakas ni anino niya.
Ngayon, alam ko na. Walang forever. Bakit kaya?

Isinulat nina Ma. Angelica M. Domingo at Keana B. Regalado
Binigkas ni Keana B. Regalado

Jawili Integrated School

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Applause (English Declamation Piece)

Written by Ma. Angelica M. Domingo
Performed by Chia Andrea T. Tumbagahan

From Jawili Integrated School

“No! Don’t go. I promise to do anything, anything! Just stay with me, please!” “Cut!” I can hear it already, my co-stars telling me how proud they are that they have experienced acting with me. I can hear how the director congratulates me for having single takes in all my scenes. I can hear the applause, applause. I live for the applause!

“Earth to Tekla!” of course, my older sister had to wake me up from my sweet daydream. “Let’s go! We need to sell all of our veggies if you want to be home by lunch time!” She pulled my hand. “Ouch! Be gentle on my skin. You know how I need to be flawless for my audition!” I reminded her. “Whatever, your majesty! I think you forgot your to wear your malunggay crown!” my sister said, mocking me. “Just wait until I wear my crown. It will be bedazzled with diamonds, shining, sitting perfectly on my head!” I said and went back to daydreaming as we walk.

When that time comes, I will walk no more. I will have a limousine which I will ride wherever I will go. I will have a handful of servants waiting for my orders. I will have thousands of admirers and suitors, all vying for my love and attention. Most of all, I will have millions of fans with resounding applause, applause for each of my performance. I live for the applause!

“Earth to Tekla!” of course, my mother had to wake me up from my sweet daydream. “Go and wash the laundry. I have to go and join the barangay’s free Zumba sessions. “Can I join, mother? I need to be a bit slimmer in preparation for my audition.” I answered. “Well, all you have to do is give up your dinner. At least, there will be more for Toto, for Totoy, for Nene, for Inday, and for Bebe.” My mother said before she turned to leave. I was speechless but I went back to my daydream nevertheless.
When that time comes, I will gorge on tender, juicy steaks. I will drink the finest wine. I will have the sweetest dessert. I will even endorse my favorite fast food chain as my fans watch my TV ad and give it an admiring applause, applause. I live for the applause.

On the day of the audition, I was wearing my friend’s cocktail dress. My neighbour showed his support by doing my hair and makeup for free. I borrowed my sister’s school shoes. I used the trial cologne in a nearby convenience store. I asked for fare from my mother and she was generous enough to add her laughter before I go. Well, at least she wished me luck.

I wasn’t nervous at all. I live for this. I live for the applause.

I saw the TV network’s gate. There must be hundreds of hopeful girls like me waiting in line. “Hi! Is this the line for the audition?” I asked a girl with skin as white as snow. I felt a bit insecure with my dark skin. She rolled her eyes and answered, “Duh!” Then, she turned her back. How mean! “What’s that smell?” An ultra-thin girl asked as she crinkled her nose. That’s when I remembered the ibis that I packed for the guard. I heard that when you give them something, they will let you in.

I left my spot in the line and went straight to the gate. I had to squeeze and push my way in but nothing can come in the way of a determined heart like mine.

“Manong! This is for you.” I said. “Wow! Ibis! I miss this. Where are you from?” He asked. “I am from Tangalan, Aklan.” I answered. That was when he winked at me and said “I’m from Aklan too!” She motioned for me to go to the side where there was a smaller, closed gate. He let me in and gave me a number.

I walked in with my head held high. I outsmarted them. I can imagine how many times I will be able to outsmart them all until I reach the top and hear all the applause, applause. I live for the applause.

“#113!” a woman shouted. That’s my number. I walked into a room where she pointed and added a little sway to my hips as I walked. Once inside, I saw three stern looking men and a woman who was smiling warmly at me.

“What’s your name?” the woman asked. “Teresita Templo, 16, from Tangalan Aklan.” I said, ending my introduction with my signature pose. “Dance.” They said. I did. No applause was heard. “Sing.” They said “I wanna go back to the island called Boracay…” but they did not let me finish. That was just one line. No applause. “Act.” They said. “Father, mother! Where are you! Why did you leave me.” No applause. “Thank you. We’ll call you.” They said.

My heart broke a bit. I know exactly what that meant. I went out, looking at the ground as I walk. My tears started to fall. “How was it?” asked the guard. I shook my head but to my surprise he smiled. “That’s OK. There will be another audition next week.” I felt myself smile. I cheered up a bit. Well, tomorrow is another day. Another possibility to get applause, applause. I live for the applause.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Toilet and Jobs –Cleanliness for Progress

                The toilet is perhaps one of the most neglected parts of the house. However, having a safe and clean toilet actually has a great effect in our daily performance of our duties and responsibilities. That is why on November 19, 2016, Jawili Integrated School took an active part in the celebration of World Toilet Day with the theme “Toilets and Jobs”. The event aimed to emphasize the importance of maintaining clean toilets and its relation to the each individual’s performance, the realization of a person’s goals and dreams, and looking at the greater picture, the economic progress of a country.

                Some of the contests during the celebration were toilet model-making, essay writing contest, poem writing contest, slogan-making contest, jingle writing contest, and poster-making contest. An educational drive was also conducted wherein SSG officers went to each classroom to disseminate information and to campaign for cleaner toilets both in home and in school.

Toilet Models

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine - Shedding Light to Important Health and Lifestyle Issues

Straight from San Francisco, you can now get important information and fun, relatable topics that you can apply to your daily lives, no matter what side of the earth you’re from. The first issue (Summer 2016 Issue), which is a collector’s edition, is an issue of pure health, entertainment, and lifestyle wellness. This quarterly mini-magazine makes you realize that now is the perfect time to switch to a healthier lifestyle while having fun doing a mind-stimulating word search puzzle.

The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine motivates you to read, learn, and live your life to the fullest. It gives you numerous reasons to appreciate life and to make the most out of it. Likewise, there are numerous reasons why you should buy and read this mini-magazine. Below are a few things I enjoyed about the Summer 2016 Issue:

  • Healthy Food Ideas: The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine proves that eating healthy does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of good food. The Summer 2016 Issue features a healthy recipe for grilled food, a quick-tips checklist for fruit bowls, and a delicious image idea for a summer salad.
  • Fancy Freebies: Aside from the recipe, you also get the chance to win one of Dr. Gaines’s limited edition notepads. You can use these notepads for planning, organizing, and expressing your creative ideas.
  • Business Bonanza: The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine also tells you about different money-making opportunities as a fun checklist. You can take advantage of these suggestions and achieve financial goals in no time. There are a few business advertisements throughout the magazine, but they do not overwhelm the pages like most other magazines do.
  • Amazing Activities: This mini-magazine also gives a list of hobbies, leisure activities, or bonding opportunities to do during the summer with your family or friends. If you are bored, you can complete one of the following activities per week during the summer: fishing, camping, picnic parties, goofy golf, road trips, and more.
  • Interesting Home Improvements: With creative yet feasible ideas, you can wow your family and friends with your landscaping improvement. Next to the landscaping tips is an advertisement to a professional lawn care company, in case you need assistance.
  •  Beauty with a heart: As there is more to a person than beauty alone, the Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine offers balanced content of how to enhance your natural beauty the safe and healthy way. Also, she encourages fans to stay inspired and motivated to reach their personal goals and touch other people’s lives in the process. Finally, a celebrity with a prestigious college education. Dr. Gaines is someone I want my kids to look up to.

In this day and age, it’s rather hard to find a tiny magazine that truly cares for your total well-being. Now, the Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine makes sure you get the information you actually need in a super-short, beautiful, and eye-catching form. You have truly found your best friend in The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Farewell by Ivy Lorraine T. Calligdong

Everything happens for a reason. Losing one of my relatives is the hardest part of life. It’s so hard to accept it especially when we experienced being happy with that person before. He was very kind, thoughtful, and a very helpful person. He was a good son to his parents, a good brother to his siblings, and a good person to everyone. He was a strong and a healthy person, that is why we were so shocked after learning that the residents in our barangay are searching for him at the sea where they went fishing the night before he disappeared. After several hours of searching for him in the middle of the sea, a cold, frozen body was found and it was my relative, Manny. We cannot accept the fact that Hod already took him with Him. We lost one of our family members and we cannot do anything else but to accept it. We believe in God and we have to accept our fate. He left us sad but we learned that we have to value everything before it turns into memories. Now, we have a strong family who supports and loves each member of the family. In any problem that e encounter every day, we should stay strong and have faith. To my cousin Manny, may you rest in peace. We will never forget each second we spent together. You may be gone in this world but you will never be gone in our hearts.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Best Eye Cream – Natural Solution for Wrinkles, Puffiness, and Dark Circles

The Mystery Eye Cream - what's the best eye cream for you?

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Clean Hands Raised: Global Handwashing Day 2015

                There was an air of cheer as Jawili Integrated School pupils and students started the day with the flag ceremony and raised their hands as they pledged to keep their hands clean and spread awareness on the importance of proper handwashing.

                Various contests were held for learners to showcase their talents and their knowledge and expertise on proper handwashing. There were slogan, essay writing, and poem writing contests in three languages – English, Filipino, and Akeanon. For the creative artists, there was a Hand Art Contest for kindergarten pupils, Drawing Contest for grades 1-3 pupils, and Poster Making for grades 4-6 and grades 7-10. Their arts were displayed on a wall for others to see and admire.

                Then, the learners formed their lines toward a clean and bright future as they look at their hands, washed their hands with soap and water, and smiled as they show off their clean hands. Members of the Philippine National Police also joined in the celebration and washed their hands with the learners and the teachers.

                Indeed, handwashing is for everybody and we, at Jawili Integrated School, raise our hands for hygiene!