Monday, March 31, 2014

March 23, 2014 Praise and Worship Songs - Jesus is Lord Tangalan

0223 Sunday Service Jesus is Lord Tangalan from Angel Domingo


Eagle's Wings
Come Let us Sing
Sing unto the Lord
Gantimpala Ko
Sambahin Ka
Kingdom Come
Purify my Heart
Karangalan at Kabanalan

February 16, 2014 Praise and Worship Songs - Jesus is Lord Tangalan


Purify Your People
How Good it is
For Who You are
Who am I
You are God Alone
My Savior Lives
For You Alone

Feature Writing PowerPoint Presentation

Here is the slide that I used in a Feature Writing Workshop for the Aklan Collegian. These were compiled from different slideshows at Slideshare.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Rescue Dogs in Heavy Snow, Earthquakes, and other Natural Disasters

Written by: Rose Gell Maghinang

A dog is indeed a man’s best friend. They provide great camaraderie, loyalty, and unconditional love to their owners. They might look different to people, but they totally have almost the same characteristics, they have a heart that loves, a brain that thinks smart and they are very compassionate to the people who treats them right. In short, they are not just dogs, for some, they are family member and should be treated as one.

Image from RGJ

That is why it is very important to take good care of these amazing dogs and rescue them in times of natural disasters or every time they need help. Since almost all of them can’t take care of themselves, as responsible owners they should provide all the things that the dogs need to survive in case unfortunate events occur.

Why is it important to rescue dogs in case of Natural Disasters? There are countless of reasons why a person needs to rescue a dog during natural disasters such as:

·         They are part of the family – A dog is definitely a part of the family and as a family member, they need to take care of each other, they need to rescue a dog as much as they can because it is what family member does. It is important to keep them warm in case of heavy snow and keep them safe during any other natural disasters that might harm them.
·         They would sacrifice themselves if they can just to rescue their owner – Dogs are well known to provide unconditional love their owners and during any kind of unfortunate events, they surely won’t hesitate to rescue their owners even if it means risking their own life. It is great to return the favor if possible.

Image from The Dog Files

Those are just some of the reasons why rescuing a dog during natural disasters are very important. Now here are some tips on how to easily rescue them during these unfortunate events:

  • Create a disaster plan for the dog – It is great to always be prepared for natural disasters, while creating a disaster plan for the family, do not forget to include the dogs and any other pets that they have, be sure to include dog food in their pack together with other necessities needed for both the owner and their pets.
  • ID the pet – Make sure to include all the information needed in the dog’s ID including the owners contact number and address so just in case the owner lost their dog during the natural disaster, they can easily track and identify their dog and if someone finds them, they know where to return them.

Image from MST Rescue

Owning a dog is a huge and long-term responsibility, it is almost like having and raising a child for as long as 15 years, it requires time, love, and effort. So if a person is not committed and not yet ready to handle a big responsibility, then it is better to not own a dog at all.

So if it is possible to rescue a dog during natural disasters, a person should do their best to do so. 

Tangalan Elementary School Choir and The Centralian Flutists Perform during the 2014 Recognition Da

I am so proud that my son, Francis Albert Domingo is a member of the Tangalan Elementary School Choir and also a member of the Centralian Flutists. Here are their performances during the 2014 Recognition Day.

Lupang Hinirang by the Tangalan Elementary School Choir

Awit ng Paghahangad by the Tangalan Elementary School Choir

Aklan Hymn by the Tangalan Elementary School Choir

Tangalan Elementary School Hymn by the Tangalan Elementary School Choir

Tangalan Elementary School March by the Tangalan Elementary School Choir

Bahay Kubo and Leron-leron Sinta by the Centralian Flutists

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Describing a Place" Lesson Plan

Presented by
Ma. Angelica Maghinang – Domingo

I.              Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the learners should be able to:
a.    interpret given descriptions of a place through drawing
b.    identify the appropriate adjectives for particular pictures
c.    create a song and dance number using adjectives for a specific place
II.            Subject Matter:
a.    Topic: Description of a Place
b.    Reference: Teaching Guide in English II p. 18 to 29
c.    Materials: Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation and pictures
d.    Skills: listening, speaking, writing, drawing, singing, and dancing
e.    Values: imagination, creativity, appreciation of nature, appreciation for the locality, and honesty
III.           Procedure
a.    Lesson
                                          i.    Draw Me!
1.    Ask the learners to listen to close their eyes and listen to the description which will be read twice: The clear blue skies featured the radiant sun. I can smell the sweet summer blooms. I can hear chirping birds and the water flowing in steady current. It was a perfect day.
2.    After reading the description twice, ask the learners to draw what they envisioned through the description.
                                        ii.    Make Sense!
1.    Ask the learners to categorize adjectives for places according to the sense that perceives the description.

big                   black               elegant           fragrant          stinky
breezy            cold                 smooth           silent              noisy
colorful           fruity               scorching      bumpy            quiet
                                       iii.    Discuss the three ways on how learners can describe a place:
1.    Memory
2.    Observation
3.    Imagination
b.    Generalization: How can you describe a place?
                                          i.    A place may be described through the sense of sight, hearing, smell, and touch.
                                        ii.    A place may be described through memory, observation, or imagination.
c.    Application: Ask the learners to identify the best word that describes the following places:
                                          i.    ancient           modern          cold

                                        ii.    abandoned               bustling          deserted

                                       iii.    dirty     dark    picturesque

                                       iv.    polluted          clean              safe

                                        v.    bright              creepy            crowded

IV.          Evaluation
a.    Descriptive Ad
                                          i.    Divide the class into four groups. Give each group a photo of a place. All of these are photos of a place in Tangalan.
                                        ii.    Ask each group to prepare a jingle that promotes the place in the photo. Make sure to use at least five descriptions in the jingle. Learners may use the melody of an existing song’s chorus and just replace the lyrics. Ask them to accompany each jingle with some actions. Give them five minutes to prepare.
                                       iii.    Ask each group to perform in front of the class.
V.           Assignment:
a.    Lonely Planet
                                          i.    Ask the students to make-up their own planet by using their imagination and write a vivid description of it.
                                        ii.    Ask them to consider the following in writing:
1.    Name of the planet
2.    Residents
3.    Plants
4.    Water
5.    Vehicles
For the Draw Me! activity:
(7 pts.)
At least five descriptions of the place were included
Less than five descriptions of the place were included
There was no description of the place in the jingle
Presentation (3 pts.)
The jingle was clearly sung and the actions were synchronized
The jingle was sung and the actions were not too synchronized
No jingle and actions were performed
For the Lonely Planet activity:
Description and Grammar
(7 pts.)
At least five descriptions of the place were included and the grammar is perfect
Less than five descriptions of the place were included and there were some minor grammatical errors
There was no description of the place and the
Presentation (3 pts.)
The jingle was clearly sung and the actions were synchronized
The jingle was sung and the actions were not too synchronized
No jingle and actions were performed

Be a Stylish Cheetah!

Wearing dresses with prints and colors of wild animals suggests make one’s appeal like that of the animals. Lion for example is majestic and fierce so as the leopard. These two cats are some of the rulers of the wild. But unlike these two cats, the cheetah is elegant and graceful. Although it is smaller than a lion and leopard, the Cheetah is known for its one of a kind speed.

Hence, if a woman is wearing a dress with Cheetah prints, she projects the elegance and grace like that of a Cheetah. At the same time, she is quick to grab anybody’s undivided attention even in the middle of a crowd. Dresses with perfect cut and bold animal prints are great for different events and occasions.

Available in MKL Collective Women’s is a Cheetah Ponte Dress with Cut Outs. This absolutely head turning spring dress contains bold Cheetah prints and elegant cut outs on the sides. The cut outs emphasize the narrow waist of the one wearing this dress which perfectly blends with the glamour and elegance made by the Cheetah prints.

This beautiful spring dress is currently on sale from the original price of $38 it is now at only $11.25! It is a very great deal for an alluring dress like this! This dress is manufactured by MKL Collective and guaranteed brand-new and unused. The item includes handmade items in the original packaging like the bag and with the original tags.

The dress has a perfect length that flatters a woman’s beautifully shaped legs and a neckline that can make every man turn.

Place an order now and feel the pride of being elegant and graceful in a spring dress like this. With the biggest sale available for this item every woman will absolutely feel lucky to have this Cheetah Ponte Skater Dress. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

GeniusStrap: Versatility and Utility at its Best


GeniusStrap: Versatility and Utility at its Best

Orange County, California, USA – March 12, 2014 – Everyone, prepare for the most versatile utility strap ever. KickStarter is proud to present GeniusStrap, the strap which answers to all organization and dexterity needs! It is set to make people’s lives easier and more convenient with this fast and quiet strap.

The GeniusStrap stays true to its name. It is a genius product which is elastic, adjustable, and self-locking. Some of its unusual uses are being used as shoelaces, a hair tie, and even a DNA visual aid! A GeniusStrap is also a GeniusShoelace. It is a truly adjustable shoelace replacement that adds new lacing patterns which you have not seen before. Kicks will become instant slip-ons and makes them look sleek! It is a ready solution for any strap or lace needs that one can conveniently carry in his or her pocket or worn as a bracelet.

GeniusStrap can be used for those long headphone wires, power cords, data cables, and other pesky wires on top of the table, inside the drawer, or server farms. GeniusStrap can be used to tie loops of wire and keep it in its place. This ensures a neat and organized desk and drawers. It can also be helpful on a crazy hair, gym or yoga day. It can be used to secure flip-flops or slippers for the little ones. It is a more sophisticated and efficient substitute to a conventional rubber band. It also works great as an eyewear strap. It keeps smartphones with flaps from slipping so videos can be enjoyed on desks or tables without stands. It can hold diplomas, scrolls, and napkins in its place. It can be used in arts and crafts without the mess and a great household tool. The GeniusStrap is ideal for artists, housekeepers, fashion designers, architects, teachers, students, astronauts, and people from different walks of life! It makes tasks a lot easier and helps people come up with much better outputs.

“Every second counts,” according to the GeniusStrap creator, Lionel P. Castro. In a world where there are a lot of meetings to attend, too many deadlines to beat, and life tasks, it is important to save time in as much ways possible. As necessity is the mother of all inventions, the idea of GeniusStrap sprung through the often untied shoelaces. From this situation, the ultimate strap was born. Now, it is set to conquer the market through giving people exactly what they need – a simple yet highly efficient time-saver!

Now, anyone can be a Genius Backer. There are different options to choose from. As a Genius Backer 1, one will receive eternal gratitude as his or her name will be listed and never removed from the Kickstarter Backers List. It only costs at a minimum of $1. As a Genius Backer 2, a person will have an additional phone call or email from the GeniusStrap creator. This costs a minimum of $5. To be a Genius Backer 3, one will need $16 or more and he or she gets a Shoelace set which contains eight GeniusStraps of the same color, the phone call or email, and a chance to vote for color choices. Other higher reward tiers can be found on its KickStarter page. The URL is One can also visit, search projects, and enter “GeniusStrap” (one word.) Lionel with his kids invite people to be a part of technology’s history through making this breakthrough product a possibility! Become a Genius Backer so you can spend time on what matters to you most!


Lionel P. Castro
Irvine, Orange Country, California, USA

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ellen Degeneres brings Fun Oscars back!

Ellen Degeneres changed the game when she hosted the 2014 Oscars. She brought excitement, she brought lots and lots of laughter, and she brought the pizza! She kept everybody in a light mood without deviating from the glitz and glamour that the Oscars always have. Her personal touch to this star-filled event made it extra special. It left everybody with a smile on their faces. It made everybody remember different Oscars moments fondly. It even made way for the ultimate selfie of all time and broke Twitter.

Ellen’s Best Oscars Moments
Never a dull moment with Ellen Degeneres – from reminding how Jennifer Lawrence fell that night just like how she fell last year, to her selfie, to ordering pizza, and to the legendary selfie that broke twitter with its greatness!
Photo from Elle

1 Ellen's Selfie
And this is how the selfie ended up:
Photo from TWIMG

Jennifer Lawrence tried to keep herself from falling but failed. Fortunately, a lot of people, including her boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, came to her rescue and helped her stand up.

Photo from Radio Times

Jennifer Lawrence seems to start a tradition of falling at the Oscars. Although to others, it may seem like a very embarrassing moment, it just made Jennifer even cuter and more endearing! It also helped a lot that Ellen promised Jennifer not to tell anybody while Ellen was on stage. Some secret keeper!

She probably realized how her “falling” moment will end up and how it funny it is that she seem to enjoy the red carpet too much and how she seem to have fallen in love with the event that she just laughed it off.

Photo from Clevver

Ellen even suggested that they just bring Jennifer Lawrence the Oscar if she wins that night. It will definitely save her the trouble. This is how it happened last year:

Photo from Radio Times

Here’s the most star-studded pizza party ever! Ellen ordered pizza and when you have Brad Pitt distributing the plates, it is definitely a BIG party!

Of course, somebody has to pay for a pizza. Here’s Ellen, collecting pizza money.

From Business Insider

Viewers also get to see Ellen in a dress!

Photo from YIMG

Here’s how the ultimate selfie was initiated:

From Become Gorgeous
This is how it looked like, how it was twitted, and how it broke Twitter:

Photo from Get the Gloss

They, who emerged Victorious

Here is the list of those who went home with the most coveted golden statuette.


12 Years a Slave bested other nominees like American Hustle, Gravity, and Philomena in the Best Picture Category, Matthew McConaughey left Leonardo Dicaprio still Oscar-less by winning as the Best Actor in a Leading Role while Jared Leto won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his part in the Dallas Buyers Club. Cate Blanchett won as the Best Actress in a Leading Role while Lupita Nyong’o won the Best Supporting Actress Award, and perhaps the most shared acceptance speech in social media.

From Zap 2 it
As most people expected, Frozen won the award for the Best Animated Film of the year. Robert Lopez, a Filipino-American song writer and his wife, Kristen Anderson won best Music for “Let it Go” which was performed by Idina Menzel. Her performance was one of the highlights of the whole event even when John Travolta messed her name up.