Thursday, April 24, 2014

Noli me Tangere

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Crisostomo Ibarra is a Filipino who went to Europe to pursue his studies during the Spanish Era. He went home when his father, Don Rafael died. Don Rafael was a very rich businessman.

The story started when Crisostomo went home to the Philippines after his 7-year stay in Europe. Don Santiago, a good family friend, threw a big welcome party for him and it was attended by the most affluent and influential people in their area. The next day, he visited Maria Clara, the love of his life who reread his letters to her which he sent from Europe.

Before he left the town, a civil guard revealed everything he knew about the death of Crisostomo's father including everything else that happened before Don Rafael's death. He was wrongfully accused as Father Damaso did not like it that he did not participate in the Catholic Church's sacraments.

Ibarra continued his father's plans and put up a school. In the inauguration, he almost get killed. Elias, who warned Crisostomo of a planned assassination against him, rescued Ibarra.

Father Damaso insulted Ibarra in a lot of other occasions but the latter chose to ignore these insults. That is, until Father Damaso insulted Don Rafael. He tried to stab Father Damaso which led to Ibarra's excommunication. Father Damaso also warned Don Santiago about her daughter, Maria Clara's relationship with Crisostomo.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Change Management: The Business Expansion Secret

Written by: Claire Gellang

People are living a fast paced life today. In order to cope up with this kind of life, change is very essential. Many despise change because it is an indication of extensive and intensive modifications of what is used to be. A lot are even afraid of it yet settling for what you already have and where you used to be is similar to depriving yourself of endless possibilities. In business, entrepreneurs are sometimes in fear of making changes to their businesses. Lack of assurance and the fear of losing their investments are only some of their biggest concerns. Yet, there is something valuable in change management that makes it worth taking the risk especially in the world of business.

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As time goes by, more businesses are getting cognizant to the fact that Change Management is an essential part of projects’ success that will minimize and alleviate risks, boost ROI and perk up user adoption rather than just another trend covered with jargon. A very crucial element to attaining winning projects is to implement change management methodologies and discover how it affects the quality of project’s upshots.  Learning how to administer change to the peak of its effectiveness will improve the success of your projects in all regards. Yet, not every organisation has recognized that Organisational Change Management is indispensable to the success of their change projects. Moreover, many companies that have made this attempt have only done so partly and still need to go further. Without doing such, more appalling events will partake and history will only repeat itself. Experience the serious consequences of ignoring establishing a change management framework and managing change. 

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Managing change is not one of those added function that will be one of countless gobbledygook to tick the box of governance. A healthy modern labour force cannot be productive in an environment that is not based on clear, customized and precise communications and approaches to close the learning curve by closing the information gaps caused by the change. A number of senior managers shun from allowing a full change management method to be incorporated with the project. They don’t consider it “real work” and setting up the change is an opulence and risk which they cannot afford. The irony is that while employees in the business defy the change, people in the project resist a plan to resisting the change.  The excuse of working on time-constrained projects is exactly why change management is required.  The challenge for change practitioners is not only functioning in hassled environments but also working in skeptical environments that compel them to work “below the radar” at times. Multiple companies, on the other hand, have adopted Change Management as a key activity in their business, they still represent a small percentage of all those that would benefit by establishing change capabilities into their daily operations and thus require a change in culture corporate in the growth of change capabilities.

Venturing into business will take and require a lot of courage from people since business is not intended for faint-hearted individuals. In order to extend and widen your business it will also take ample and a high level of courage to make necessary changes. Taking risk by venturing into business does not stop there, embracing change will help your business grow and you as a person as well as widen your horizons making change management essential and necessary.  

Orbitz Promo Codes

Written by: John Robert Vega

Airline tickets, low priced hotels, car rentals, vacation and cruises - all of these can be availed at Orbitz Travel.

For those who are planning to book in hotels, Hear ye! Hear ye! Here in Orbitz, travelers can save up to 15% on their hotel accommodation. BYEBYE15 is the promo code. Book on the 13th of April 2014 and take a trip on the 30th of September 2014. On their promo code which is Travel 5, save up to 15% on their hotel accommodation promo. Book on the 30th of June 2014 and take a trip on the 30th of September 2014. On their promo code which is POSADAS200, save up to $200 for flight + hotel vacation package, the stay will not be over 4 nights and is only valid for select properties. Travel on the 21st of December 2014. On their promo code 150VACA people can save up to $150 on flight + hotel packages. The stay will not be more than 4 nights and the money that will be spent will not go beyond $1000. Las Vegas, NV is excluded. Travel on the 30th of September 2014. On their promo code Vegas25, save up to $25 on Las Vegas flight + hotel package. Stay not more than 3 nights. Book on the 30th of June 2014 and take a trip on the 30th of September 2014.

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Orbitz can provide surety that their price is the best. Here, they don't just settle in being good, they always strive to be the best! Orbitz can assure their customers that they come across only the best prices here. They can even give Orbucks equivalent to 100% of the price difference with additional $50 in Orbucks if after the customers have booked a flight, car, hotel on Orbitz and they find out a more cheaper price to other sites.
Being members of Orbitz Rewards, they will have a bigger chance to have additional $100 in Orbucks, $150 in Orbucks for Star members and $200 for SuperStar members if they will be able to look for a cheaper price somewhere.

On the 9th of April 2014 at 12:01 AM to 20th of April of 2014 at 11:59 PM book a qualifying hotel for 1 or more nights for a trip between April 9 2014 and September 30, 2014 through Orbitz and automatically, receive 15% less by using the Orbitz promo code. Towards the booking of a trip package, discounts may not be used. Moreover, the discounts cannot be redeemed for cash in any motive.

Image from Cloud Enterprise
In Orbitz Travel, people can find instant discounts when it comes to vacation and hotel packages. However, the saving coupons are functional only for a specific time frame. They offer trips even during holidays.
Orbitz promo codes cannot be transferred neither be sold again nor allowed to be mixed or joined with other offers. Any person who will be caught violating the law shall be punished by the adjudication of the law. Orbitz has the only prerogative to alter or restrict the promotion.

Those aforementioned promo codes will certainly make your trip and experience a sure blast without spending too much!

Orbitz Promo Code

Written by: Rose Gell Maghinang

Majority of people loves to travel, they want to visit and experience beautiful places all over the world, these kinds of people does not mind the hassle of traveling, in fact they embrace it as a challenge that adds thrill and excitement to their journey. However, not all people are like them, there are people who want hassle-free vacations without worrying where they would stay, what they would use for transportation, and many more. Vacation Packages are perfect for them! They just need to plan the dates of their travel, what are the places they want to see, where they would want to stay, and they are good to go! They do not need to worry about anything as long as it is included to their vacation package.

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  • Flight + Hotel – Traveler’s round trip flight is included together with the hotel accommodation where they chose to stay or spent their wonderful vacation.
  • Flight + Car – This package includes their roundtrip flight and the transportation that they would use to go to their chosen hotel.
  • Hotel + Car – This package includes traveler’s hotel accommodation and their transportation to and from the airport or a certain place.
  • Flight + Hotel + Car – This is a complete package. It includes traveler’s round trip flight, hotel accommodation, and the transportation that they would use to go to and from the airport or any other place. This package is definitely awesome. All they need to worry about is how would they spend their hassle-free vacation.

If they are looking for a website that can completely help them plan their vacation package, Orbitz is absolutely perfect. This website provides them all kinds of hotels and accommodation that suits their budget. Clients and guests can even use Orbitz Promo Code to avail great discounts in different vacation packages. All they need to do is to provide the dates of their travel, point of origin, and the destination where they would travel. After one click, this website provides numerous choices of vacation packages that surely fits their budget. There is absolutely something for everyone.

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Travelers can choose from these awesome packages:

One of the best things in vacation packages is they are sure to save a lot compared to booking separately not to mention the hassle of arranging several flights. Travelers who love to have a relaxing, stress-free, and hassle-free vacation, without a doubt can enjoy the benefits of these vacation packages including the great discount that they get if they have Orbitz Promo Code.

There are different Orbitz Promo Code for each type of vacation package, but as long as they can found it under the choices provided and it qualifies for the discount from Orbitz Promo Code, then it is perfect! They can absolutely enjoy a relaxing, remarkable, and very affordable vacation package without worrying about anything.

Planning and organizing a vacation should be easy, fun, and stress-free. Using Orbitz as their partner in choosing the best vacation package and if they have an Orbitz Promo Code, they are sure to enjoy a relaxing, wonderful, and unforgettable vacation experience without spending a lot.

Orbitz Coupon: Your One Way Ticket to the Luxury of Life

Written by: Claire Gellang

           Wouldn’t it be an amazing idea to spend the holiday out of town? But it would be more ecstatic if you’re going to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is famed and known for its hotels and casinos.  With the bottomless adventures that you’ll get to experience you are also bound to have bottomless excitement and fun during your stay there. Along with having the time of your lives it will definitely be fantastic to stay in a luxurious hotel and feel like an elite. But no matter how much everyone would like to go on a trip to this famed city in the US your budget just don’t seem to allow you and deprives you of having fun. But people are distinctly tactful to find out ways in order to savor the glamorous life of being in Vegas. To save up money and enjoy is what everyone would like to do. Sounds impossible, isn’t it? But it’s true that if there’s a will there’s a way and luckily there’s Orbitz who’s finding all the way.

Image from Jet Blue

            Orbitz helps every individual live up to their dreams of travelling without the expense of saving a lot. Orbitz lets you find the perfect place where you can stay while you are in vacation. They also offer Orbitz coupon that’ll enable you to have discounts on some of the world’s finest five-star hotels. With Orbitz coupon you will be able to savor the luxury on a budget. And now, let Orbitz together with their Orbitz coupon give you a fine experience in one of Las Vegas’ best hotels, Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower.

Image from CDN Hotels

            Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower is one of the most famed Las Vegas Strip hotels in the globe. This hotel is 1,149-foot tall building is an exceptional match in the Vegas skyline. This hotel will let you can have a taste of mouth-watering treats, party ‘til dawn, play in the casino at an affordable cost. It also offers and presents shows in order to entertain guests and travelers. The Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower is located at Fremont Street just 1.3 miles away from the Las Vegas Convention Center and 7.3 kilometers away from the McCarran International Airport and would only require a ride in the cab. The hotel offers its clients a variety of rooms to choose from depending on their preference and budget. The rooms to choose from are Premium Guestroom, Strip View Guestroom, Luxury Grand Suite, Stratosphere Select and Deluxe Guestroom. The hotel also offers amenities such as Wi-Fi connection, free parking, fitness center and spa, casino, night club and an outdoor pool. So you can all have everything you need in one place. The hotel also has restaurants for your fine dining experience and room service. They also have business center, meeting and banquet facilities, conference facilities and gift shops where you can purchase your souvenirs.

            Savor the finer things in life without spending that much money on hotel and accommodation. Make your getaway a perfect one and experience luxury through the help your Orbitz coupon. Orbitz coupon is your only access in order to experience what its like to be one of the rich and famous. Let Orbitz coupon take you to different places.   

Friday, April 11, 2014

Penny Stocks Traders: From Zero to Hero

Written by: John Robert Vega

Penny stocks or widely known as cent stocks are widespread shares of small public companies that trade at small amount in every share. Some people, particularly penny stocks traders have become successful because they have committed themselves and time in this kind of business.

Here are some of the stock traders who are now well-off and well-known in the field of penny stocks trading because they have worked strenuously.

Tim Grittani

Tim Grittani is a 24 year old stock trader who started penny stocks trading with the amount of only $1500 and absorbing all the points and techniques his teacher, Tim Sykes taught him. Grittani has obtained a profit of $1 million. Grittani trades penny that are usually low in price not over $1.

Image from Timoty Sykes
He made a clean breast that it was not an easy-peasy task and it is very delicate. And not everyone is capable of doing such. He said that he has been trading for three years and every day of his life. It was a very lethargic and everyday process. According to him, in order to buy and sell stocks at the exact time, he spends all his time and whole day trading in front of his computer. Even though that there were hear-says that this kind of business is unreliable and has dangerous schemes, nonetheless, he is able to obtain money because he is knowledgeable and conversant on what he is seeking and has the guts on how to get money out of scams without hurting and harming himself.

Actually, the short bet against a company that had been the center of a pump-and-dump scheme was the trade that finally made the amount of his portfolio reached beyond $1 million.

Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes was born in Orange, Connecticut in the year 1981. He is known for being a successful and connoisseur in entrepreneurship, stock trading and of course penny stock expert. He is best famous in making his money from the bar mitzvah into more than $1million during his day trading amidst his classes at Tulane University Sykes earned $12, 415 when he was still a high school student in the year 1999 which he got from his bar mitzvah money and started h4s day trading penny stocks.

He has made that very first investment more than $1.65 million before reaching the age of 21. Sykes started diverting his attention in having investments than trading that was why Sykes fund declined more than 36% in January 2006 and July 2007 whilst there was a hike up in the overall market up to 25% that compelled Sykes' fund to shut down.

During Sykes' senior year, he founded Cilantro Fund Management LTC. It was proclaimed the #1 ranked short bias funds starting from the year 2003-2006. Trader Monthly in the year 2006 hailed Sykes as one of the top 30 under 30 traders in the market.

In 2007, Sykes released an American Hedge Fund: How I made $2 Million as a Stock Operator and created a Hedge Fund that explained how he became a multimillionaire from a mere college student day trading penny stock.

These people who are known for being penny stocks traders epitomize that there is no small or big business once a person puts forth his effort, commitment and assiduousness in his job, certainly, he will thrive from being zero to hero.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Be Healthy, Be Wealthy

The old adage, “Health is wealth” will never lose its essence and truth. No matter how often it is said or written, it will remain true. This is why there are a lot of different health products sprouting from one side to another. These products come in different forms including protein shakes. Health allows people to make the most out of life.

A lot of old people envy the young because of their health, strength, and energy. However, good health is for everyone who deserves it. Those who deserve good health are those who work to have it. It is not too difficult to obtain if one knows how to take care of herself or himself. Here are some health tips that people can follow so their bodies will always be at its best condition.

Beauty is Skin Deep

Good health shows on a person’s skin. There are different products available in the market that helps take care of a person’s body which shows beautiful skin as an after effect and there are also some products which mainly aim to give people healthier and more beautiful skin.

Image from Glam Girl
  • Oolong Tea. Teas are great for health and for beauty. One of the exceptionally good teas is the Oolong tea. This is perfect for people who suffer from mild cases of eczema. It helps relieve itchiness and other eczema symptoms.
  • Tea Tree. Tea Tree leaves’ extract works great against athlete’s foot. Just apply it on the affected spots at least twice a day. Teas are great for skin as well as for metabolism.

Break Free from Pains

Pains are signs that there is something wrong in a person’s health. There are different products that people can use to relieve pain and also to prevent it.

Image from Critical Science
  • Headaches. A good remedy for headaches is peppermint oil, white flower, or tiger balm. These are rubbed into the person’s temples.
  • Muscle and Joint Pains. For such pains, use ointments or creams that contain capsaicin. This element is found in peppers.

Prevention is better than Cure

There are other products that does not only cure medical conditions but also help people prevent potential health problems.
  •  Rosemary. The aroma of Rosemary is enough to help sharpen a person’s mind. This is perfect for those who are about to take an exam. Instead of stopping to smell the flowers, smell Rosemary instead.
  • Sugar-free. Maintain healthy blood sugar levels through incorporating endive, cooked greens, radicchio, and olives into the person’s meals.
  •  Dry no more. For people who usually suffer from dry eyes, the remedy is to eat lots of seafood! 
  • Say yeast. Eat Probiotic rich food such as sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi, and yogurt will help prevent yeast infections.
  • Bilberry Bush. Take bilberry, which is especially great tasting as a jam, to improve a person’s night vision.
  • Go Bananas. Maintain healthy blood pressure and good heart condition through eating bananas, oranges, and cantaloupes.  

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers: Your Pets’ Second Parents

A lot of people today are lured and are fond of taking care of pets. From an array of animals to choose from, pet enthusiasts just can’t get enough of it. Animals which are desirable and are recommended as pets are usually dogs, cats, birds, fishes and the long list of these to choose from animals continues it all depends on the owners’ preference and personality. Yet it is undeniable that people, more often than not prefer dogs as their pet buddies.

Image from Shell 4 Pets

A lot of people agree that animals are rather better than people when it comes to friendship. Animals are rather loyal and reliable than man. There are also some which substitutes these animals as their children especially those who are unable to produce their own offspring.

Pet owners and experts say that in order to induce these animals trust is that you also have to treat them like people. You also have to bathe them, pamper and feed them. Pet owners and pets both have distinct advantages when hiring Denver pet sitters.

A pet sitter serves the one who’ll take care and keep track of your most precious ones or pets. Pet owners tend to be bit busy some times so hiring a pet sitter offers an array of advantages.

• You won’t have to bother your neighbors and friends anymore to look after you pets at home.
• Pet sitters do not only secure your pets’ safety but as well as your house’s protection.
• Pet owners can leave their house with peace in their mind as these pet sitters are reliable enough to guardhouse your precious homes
• If you’re seeking for other people to do special jobs for your house and other household duties you can also have a special offer for them to do other tasks.
• If your pets are ill and sick, baby sitters will be the one to bring your pets to the veterinarian to be checked. Hiring pet sitters can also be beneficial for pets for the following reason:
• Pets get to stay to a familiar environment where they feel secure and safe.
• They’d get to maintain their diet and routine through the help of their pet sitter.
• Your pets will continue to feel loved and will get the attention that they want while their owners are away.

Image from Blogspot

It is always nice things to have someone to look after your pets while you’re away. How about take risk and have someone to take care and give your pets the love and attention that your pets want in your absence through hiring Denver dog walkers and pet sitters.