Wednesday, May 7, 2014

E-Dog Training – The Top 10 Online Training Programs for your Furry Ones

A dog is indeed, a man’s best friend. Aside from walking them and playing with them, it is also important to help them maximize their potentials through training programs. However, there are instances where the dog owners are just too busy that they do not even have time to go to a pet training center and ask about their programs. In such cases, online dog training programs are perfect. There are different e-training centers that can help you bring out the best in your pawed friends.

Top 1: Kingdom of Pets

Train your dogs and make them rule over their kingdom. Make them leaders and let them maintain peace and order in your abode. Kingdom of Pets has the passion for dog training and the dedication to never stop until your pets become kings and queens.

Top 2: Doggy Dan

Get dog training from the expert. Doggy Dan provides the best training videos that will ensure your pet’s maximum learning. It is not like other programs that are designed by internet marketers. It is an online dog training program designed and created by an expert. Your pets are in good hands with Doggy Dan!

Top 3: DTO

DTO or the Dog Training Program has different training programs for obedience improvement, for puppies, for dogs with behavioral issues, and advance lessons for new tricks. You can watch sample videos for free. These videos will help you decide if these are what you want for your dog. Dove Cresswell, the trainer is popular with work seen in different films such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3, Santa Puppies, Marley and Me: The Puppy Years, Red Riding Hood, and Marmaduke.

Top 4: Karen Pryor Clicker Training

Karen Pryor Clicker Training is another efficient dog training school. Although it specializes in dog training, it offers training for other kinds of animals too. Aside from clickers, they also offer training kits at training gears.
Top 5: Cesar’s Way

Who does not know about Cesar Millan? Get the best training for your dog from the Dog Whisperer. He is perhaps the most celebrated dog trainer and now, he offers online dog training programs through the site, Cesar’s Way.

Top 6: Unleashed Unlimited

Lift the limits and break barriers as you let your dog explore and realize its full potential through different programs offered in Unleashed Unlimited. There are different training packages depending upon your dog’s age.

Top 7: Pet Smart

Make your pet smarter and happier with training programs at Pet Smart. Your dog will get training from accredited trainers and you will immediately see the results.

Top 8: Ty Brown’s Dog Behavior Online

Send your best friend to Salt Lake for the training and it will come back better than ever. You can choose a pricing plan that works best for you. Ty Brown’s Dog Behavior Online provides professional training for any dog breed.

Top 9: K9-1 Specialized Dog Training

Your dog is special and it deserves a special training. Let it have the training that it deserves at K9-1 Specialized Dog Training. This is perfect for aggressive, difficult, or fearful dogs.

Top 10: Ahimsa Dog Training

Ahimsa Dog Training provides classes, workshops, home day training, seminars, and private training for your pet.
Different dogs have different needs. Choose one in this list for your pet’s improvement and training.

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