Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kopitea - My Cup of Tea!

Well, I'm more of a cold drink-person so it's more like my tall glass of milk tea. I was in Manila when I was introduced to milk teas. I remember looking forward to my after-training reward for myself everyday. Well, I had almost a year exploring different flavors of milk teas until we decided to go back to Aklan.

One day in May, we were picking up my youngest sister at the Kalibo International Airport when we received her text message saying that their flight was delayed. We have to kill about an hour. While driving around Kalibo, looking for a place where we can wait comfortably, I saw Kopitea. I just got back in Aklan so I did not know what it offers. I asked my sister about it. She haven't been there either. A believer about experience being the best teacher, I asked her to come with me inside.

It was actually love at first sight. I love the ambiance, the relaxed and cozy atmosphere inside Kopitea.

We were welcomed with smiles and courtesy. We ordered sandwiches and milk teas. Time flies when you and your tastebuds are having fun. After making some plans for the weekend, it was time to go.

I have noticed that coffee shops sprouted in almost every corner of Kalibo. However, I have always been wary about such trends. Such times are the best times to practice critical thinking, research skills, and keen observation. I always choose the one with the cleanest place. It might be something which is based on the surface but it's the easiest thing to achieve. If a shop cannot achieve that one, I wouldn't dare to think about what's going on inside the kitchen. Then comes the milk tea. Of course, the taste matters. However, there's more to a milk tea than its flavor. In this aspect, Kopitea amazed me with its naturally brewed milk teas which is absolutely free of artificial coloring and artificial flavors. The best thing about it is that their drinks are available in very competitive prices. You can enjoy your dose of Kopitea milk tea for as low as Php65.00.

I learned that they are constantly adding new drinks and dishes to their menu. 

Aside from their new offerings, I am also looking forward to their upcoming promos and contests. If you can't wait to know more and be updated with the changes and events, "like" the Kopitea Fanpage on Facebook. You can also get a free mug once you bought your 25th drink if you have their card.

Their healthy milk tea - this is just one of the reasons why I love Kopitea!

*Photos grabbed from Kopitea's FB Fanpage

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