Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Farewell by Ivy Lorraine T. Calligdong

Everything happens for a reason. Losing one of my relatives is the hardest part of life. It’s so hard to accept it especially when we experienced being happy with that person before. He was very kind, thoughtful, and a very helpful person. He was a good son to his parents, a good brother to his siblings, and a good person to everyone. He was a strong and a healthy person, that is why we were so shocked after learning that the residents in our barangay are searching for him at the sea where they went fishing the night before he disappeared. After several hours of searching for him in the middle of the sea, a cold, frozen body was found and it was my relative, Manny. We cannot accept the fact that Hod already took him with Him. We lost one of our family members and we cannot do anything else but to accept it. We believe in God and we have to accept our fate. He left us sad but we learned that we have to value everything before it turns into memories. Now, we have a strong family who supports and loves each member of the family. In any problem that e encounter every day, we should stay strong and have faith. To my cousin Manny, may you rest in peace. We will never forget each second we spent together. You may be gone in this world but you will never be gone in our hearts.

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