Saturday, August 12, 2017

Zix Performance – The Montero Authority in Manila

If you are having a hard time finding a competent mechanic for your car especially if you are a Montero owner, fret no more. Everything that you are looking for in a professional mechanic, you can find at Zix Performance. Here, I will list down the reasons why Zix Performance is the best choice for you.

  • ·       Quick and accurate diagnosis. While other mechanics would take time to troubleshoot and still result to false diagnosis, Zix Performance can identify the problem accurately the first time. This is because of extensive experience with different kinds of vehicles. Of course, proper troubleshooting is still done so you can rest assured that the diagnosis has enough bases. This is one of the main reasons why first-time customers come back every time they experience problems with their vehicles.
  • Montero Specialist. Although Zix Performanze is also experienced in other kinds of vehicles, it specializes more on Monteros. This is why if you are looking for a specialist and not just your average mechanic, then you need to bring your baby to Zix. It knows Monteros thoroughly so you can rely on it to find the actual problem and fix the problem efficiently.
  • ·        Freebies. Who doesn’t like freebies? Get freebies in terms of extra services such as free check-up, free dash cam installation, and more. Zix values customer loyalty and satisfaction and Zix finds different ways to give back. You get freebies on top of the affordable service fee.
  • ·       Professionalism at its finest. You are welcomed with arms wide open and with a friendly smile each time you visit, no matter what kind of vehicular problems you have. Punctuality is one of their strongest points so you can be sure that when they give you a specific date and time, you will get what you came for. You can even watch everything that they do to your vehicle. Questions are welcome so you also get free tips on how to take good care of your vehicle. You will also learn trade secrets and all about the BS that the case usually feeds you.
  • ·       Comfort and convenience. One of the hardest things about going to the mechanic is waiting especially when you have company. Fortunately, Zix has a comfortable, air-conditioned waiting room where you and your family or friends can get comfy while watching TV or while enjoying the free Wi-Fi. There is also free drinking water for the thirsty ones and even free snacks at particular times of the day.
  • ·       Newbie-friendly. Newbies have many questions in their minds. However, it seems embarrassing to ask those and sometimes, you get worried that others may take advantage of your lack of knowledge. There’s no need to worry about such things with Zix Performance. Ask away and all your queries are respected, honestly answered, and professionally handled.

What more can you ask for? Go to Zix Performance Manila now and enjoy the experience for more pleasant surprises and more advantages to discover! Visit their Facebook page for more information:

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