Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Graduation Day

March 14, 2008. My son graduated from pre-school. He made me really proud not only because he graduated but he also earned two medals: one for getting the Top 7 spot and the second one for getting the Model Student award. He also joined the dance performance to the tune of Rochelle Pangilinan's "Bayle, Bayle". They also sang "Hawak Kamay" by Yeng Constantino as their graduation song.

We were supposed to have a party in their classroom afterwards but two other parents told me that there will be no party because the other parents decided not to cook any food. We we're supposed to bring food and I was in-charge of the fruit salad. After hearing that, we just went straight home after the graduation ceremonies.

The teacher came to our home the next morning saying that there was a party but only four parents attended it. I've heard some rumors that lots of other parents were not satisfied with the top students that were announced.

Now, here are some lessons that I learned from there:

1. Don't forget to bring drinking water, a fan, face towel, and food for your kid when attending graduation ceremonies.

2. Practice with your child for their dance performance if there's any. It will help your child be more confident and it is good exercise too.

3. Do not lose sleep over your child not getting into the top students when it's only in pre-school and no examinations are given and there are no actual bases for choosing who will be there.

4. Do not give wrong information to innocent people just to get even with the culprit.

5. Do not believe in hearsay. If there's something important that you need to know, ask the teacher or the person in-charge.

6. If you're in a province, make sure that you have a gift for your child to be given during the graduation ceremonies. It is a custom that at the end of the ceremonies, graduates are given gifts that they open right away.

7. The togas are returned right after the ceremonies.

8. If you are giving a speech on preschooler's graduation, make it short.

9. Do not wear glittery clothes if the ceremonies are held in the morning or early afternoon. It's distracting and annoying.

10. Do not forget to congratulate your child.

11. If you can, spend the rest of the day with your child. It will be best if the whole family is there, and have a special meal together.

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