Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Online Money Making Schemes

I discovered a couple of months ago, there are ways on how to make money online. I know that lots of people have already written different information about making money online. I will be sharing mine from experience specifically in referring.

I am not good with referring people. But here are some things that you should remember based on my experience:

1. Make sure that the site is legit. I never ask people to join a paying website as long as I'm not paid through it yet. Yes, I struggle because most often, it is hard to earn money or points without any referrals at all but I try until I reach the minimum payout, all with my own sweat and blood. When I get paid, that's the only time that I start referring people. It will be hard but you should take care of your referring reputation.

2. Be accurate. Be accurate in everything. Make sure that they know all the information that your prospective referrals need to know. The basics are the link, the rules and regulations, the process on how they can make money on that specific site, what's the minimum payout, how will they be paid, and if possible, an estimate of how long it would take them to reach payout.

3. Keep in touch. Send your referrals a simple thank you and remind them that they can send you a pm if ever they need help with something with that site that you referred them too. You can also inform them about updates and new features from time to time.

4. Don't be greedy. This is something that is applicable to life in general too. Sometimes, when hoping for a lot more than what we are entitled to have, we lose more than that.

Now, think twice before posting your referral links. ;)


Anonymous said...

Great advice Angel, there are lots of ways to make money and lots of paid to post forums for pocket money, PTC sites etc. I agree that any that ask for money are scams, I use 3 websites to make money online, I cant get rich quick but its pocket money.


sudutblog said...

i wish you got success on every work to do.

Angel said...

Thanks Kelly and Sudutblog! :)

cabey said...

great advice...
Good luck girl.. i'm willing to offer help if u want it.

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rhyannefranz said...

hi there... Like to exchange? Me as your referral and I as your referral. I only have neobux. so if you don't have neobux we can do business? Just messge me in my ym r_esphie. Thanks in advance

Angel said...

Thanks everyone!

@rhyannefranz: Oh, sorry, I already have a Neobux account.