Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Go Raw!

A lot of people believe that raw food is the healthiest way to go. This practice is also known as Raw Foodism or Rawism. Like the name implies, this is a practice of eating only raw foods such as raw fruits, grains, and raw vegetables. Food items in a raw food diet should be uncooked and unprocessed. Usually, these are what most people call organic foods. This is said to be a much healthier of eating food as heating the food causes loss of nutrients. There are also some studies that prove how cooking can make the food harmful for a person. A raw food diet will ensure that a person will eat food that are safe to eat and with all its vitamins and nutrients intact.

Some people choose to go on raw food diet for three possible reasons.

  • Weight loss
  • Better health
  • Environmental causes

Does Raw Food Diet work?

Although the nutrients of food items usually found in the raw food diet, there are usually questions about this diet being a good one for weight loss. There are also questions about the suitability of such diet for people with busy schedules and for people who are always in a hurry. Instead of using the microwave, food preparation is usually done using blenders, dehydrators, and food processors. These are processes that are as quick as when microwave ovens are used, yet produce healthier dishes!

People who go into raw food diet have a good chance of losing weight. The fact that food items in this kind of diet contain low calories, low sodium, low fats, and high fiber makes it a lot better when measuring these against what they eat before this diet. These food items are usually rich in vitamins and nutrients too. This is perfect for busy people to keep them in shape and in their best condition to work and perform their daily tasks.

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