Sunday, February 23, 2014

Monday is Laughday!

While most people, including me, back then, hate Mondays, I realized that it's time to be more positive for the week ahead! With that, I decided to hunt the most infectious "happy" photos in the World Wide Web and these are what I found. Have a Happy Laughday Monday and may these photos make you smile!

Photo from Planting Peace
Make others happy by being happy! Make your happiness so contagious that people around you will feel like smiling too! Be the fountain of happiness in your home, school, workplace, and just about anywhere!

Photo from PR Log
This one says "Gotcha!" or it could be the biggest smile that one can ever see on a Monday!

Photo from Your Billboard
This cat's happiness was made to appear greater by the contrasting intense seriousness of the other cat. Be the happy cat!

Photo from 3 BP
This is perfect for those who prefer to have a "demure" laugh.

Photo from Funny Fun Fun

According to Medical News Today, people can lose weight through laughing!

Photo from Huffpost

That's just pure delight!

Now, it's your turn to make someone else smile today!

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