Monday, February 25, 2008

Family Lessons

On a more serious topic, I will be sharing to you guys what I learned about the people from this picture, and not about the picture itself like on my previous posts.

This was taken on Nadhine's seventh birthday. She's the one wearing a blue gown. I wasn't there because they are in Manila while we are here in Aklan.

First lesson is, sometimes, we have to move on, move away from the people that we love and the people we grew up with. I love them all, and I miss them so much but I think that it will be so much better for my family that we're here in the province. The air is cleaner and the environment is healthy for our growing son. It would be nice to be surrounded by my loved ones and I hope that someday, they can come here and realize that it is a much better place. And it would be the best place ever if they can stay here with us. They are the only reason now why we go back to Manila for vacation. If they will be here with us, I don't think we'll be going back to Manila anymore.

On to the picture, the first one is my father. I call him "papa". What I learned about him is the importance of freedom. I was actually called "daddy's girl" many times. There are lots of people we knew who think that I am really spoiled by my father. He also taught me the importance of having friendship between parents and children. I open up to him and sometimes, we talk about things that my mother and I don't talk about. But, that's when I was younger. Now, I can talk to mama about pretty much everything. Papa also taught me to find humor on the lowest times of your life and when something unwanted or unplanned happen. He has a great sense of humor and I think, I fortunately got some from him.

The next one will be my Tita Flor. "Tita" means aunt in English. Tita Flor is almost never angry. I learned from her how important it is to pamper yourself, take care of yourself, and have lots of patience. I also learned from her that if your child is asking you for something really expensive and he or she definitely don't need, you can always act like you didn't hear him or her. :D

The next one is my cousin, Lorie. Lorie taught me alot about individuality. About having your own style and not being afraid what others may think. She also taught me to be really attentive when one person who doesn't like you is around. You should be quick to move when the unexpected happens. (Kind of an inside joke but maybe you can still relate).

Then, the beautiful woman in white, in the middle, my grandmother. What I learned from her is the importance of being thrifty and saving money whenever you can. She have put haggling to the highest level and she is the most practical woman I have ever known.

Another pretty lady who's standing next to my grandmother is my Tita Fe. She, just like Tita Flor has been like my second mother. Yeah, both of them. She is intelligent, she knows what she deserves, she is resourceful, creative, and a really great planner. Sometimes, whenever there's a special event or a trip and something goes wrong, I always find myself saying that, "Tita Fe will surely know what to do."

Next to her is her daughter, wearing a pink top with floral detail. Well, that girl, my cousin, Tonifet showed me how to dream and actually achieve it. She is dedicated, and when she really believe something, you cannot do anything to make her budge in her position.

Then, we go on to my Tito Freddie. He is really talented and he's been a great friend to me. He showed me what responsibility and loving his family means.

Then, there's my brother, Christian. What I learned from Christian is how to choose your favorite sister. And that's me. :D

Last but not the least is Nadhine. She is very smart and pretty too. What I learned from her is the importance of keeping in touch with your loved ones. I was really surprised when I got her very first text message to me.

Now, there's a lot more that I've learned form my family. Maybe I'll share them some other time. :)

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