Monday, February 25, 2008

Pimp Your Ride

Last month, I attended a baptism as "proxy" for my sister who's the real godmother.. She wasn't able to attend the baptism because she has classes to attend.

While we were waiting for the baptism ceremony to start, we stood under a tree and noticed a bike parked against a tree. I laughed when I noticed the Nissan bar, which is usually found on cars and vans. However, this one is placed on the side of the bike. I think that it is a picture worth taking so I did. Well, I asked Ate Mila, our cousin, to pose beside the tree just to add fun with what's happening. This was the actual picture, not cropped at all. At least, it has part of Ate Mila's hand. Well, I was bored so I guess that's enough excuse. Then I took the picture. She asked me if she can see the picture and when I showed it to her, she just rolled her eyes.

Then the mass was over and we went inside the church.

So, what's the lesson that this post can have?

First, you shouldn't be attending baptisms much more act as a proxy to the real godmother when you're not even Catholic.

Second, You should be wary about people wanting you to pose beside a tree with a parked bike when the person who wants to take the picture is really bored.

Third, when you agree to do so, don't ask to see the picture. Don't bother at all.

Fourth, be creative. Having an old bike shouldn't be boring. Make your imagination work, be resourceful and who knows, maybe you can pimp your ride. :D

Now, four lessons in a post isn't bad at all, right?

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