Monday, February 25, 2008

The Ghost in You

Last year, we celebrated Halloween through a special dinner and dressing up just to look scary, not aiming for a specific costume whatsoever. We went to the store looking like this, the three of us in the picture. Those two, Ghie and Anne are my younger sisters. We went to the store to buy Coke and I don't know if it did any good because there are really few people who's outside that time. Well, it isn't just becuase of halloween because here in our place, when the clock strikes 5, the stores would start closing and by 6, there will be very few people out on the street.

When we reached the store, the two ladies there commented, "nakakatakot" or "scary". They told us about how they envy us because we can go out and have fun, enjoy halloween unlike them who are not allowed to close until 9:00 pm.

Then, we went to the triangle which is a memorial park located in front of our house. We tried to scare people but the best that we got is to have some vehicles slow down while the passengers point to us so the children inside can see us or to take pictures.

What's the lesson to be learned here?

Well, the only lesson that this post can teach you is that too much make up is not good. Even if it's Halloween. :D

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