Thursday, March 13, 2014

GeniusStrap: Versatility and Utility at its Best


GeniusStrap: Versatility and Utility at its Best

Orange County, California, USA – March 12, 2014 – Everyone, prepare for the most versatile utility strap ever. KickStarter is proud to present GeniusStrap, the strap which answers to all organization and dexterity needs! It is set to make people’s lives easier and more convenient with this fast and quiet strap.

The GeniusStrap stays true to its name. It is a genius product which is elastic, adjustable, and self-locking. Some of its unusual uses are being used as shoelaces, a hair tie, and even a DNA visual aid! A GeniusStrap is also a GeniusShoelace. It is a truly adjustable shoelace replacement that adds new lacing patterns which you have not seen before. Kicks will become instant slip-ons and makes them look sleek! It is a ready solution for any strap or lace needs that one can conveniently carry in his or her pocket or worn as a bracelet.

GeniusStrap can be used for those long headphone wires, power cords, data cables, and other pesky wires on top of the table, inside the drawer, or server farms. GeniusStrap can be used to tie loops of wire and keep it in its place. This ensures a neat and organized desk and drawers. It can also be helpful on a crazy hair, gym or yoga day. It can be used to secure flip-flops or slippers for the little ones. It is a more sophisticated and efficient substitute to a conventional rubber band. It also works great as an eyewear strap. It keeps smartphones with flaps from slipping so videos can be enjoyed on desks or tables without stands. It can hold diplomas, scrolls, and napkins in its place. It can be used in arts and crafts without the mess and a great household tool. The GeniusStrap is ideal for artists, housekeepers, fashion designers, architects, teachers, students, astronauts, and people from different walks of life! It makes tasks a lot easier and helps people come up with much better outputs.

“Every second counts,” according to the GeniusStrap creator, Lionel P. Castro. In a world where there are a lot of meetings to attend, too many deadlines to beat, and life tasks, it is important to save time in as much ways possible. As necessity is the mother of all inventions, the idea of GeniusStrap sprung through the often untied shoelaces. From this situation, the ultimate strap was born. Now, it is set to conquer the market through giving people exactly what they need – a simple yet highly efficient time-saver!

Now, anyone can be a Genius Backer. There are different options to choose from. As a Genius Backer 1, one will receive eternal gratitude as his or her name will be listed and never removed from the Kickstarter Backers List. It only costs at a minimum of $1. As a Genius Backer 2, a person will have an additional phone call or email from the GeniusStrap creator. This costs a minimum of $5. To be a Genius Backer 3, one will need $16 or more and he or she gets a Shoelace set which contains eight GeniusStraps of the same color, the phone call or email, and a chance to vote for color choices. Other higher reward tiers can be found on its KickStarter page. The URL is One can also visit, search projects, and enter “GeniusStrap” (one word.) Lionel with his kids invite people to be a part of technology’s history through making this breakthrough product a possibility! Become a Genius Backer so you can spend time on what matters to you most!


Lionel P. Castro
Irvine, Orange Country, California, USA

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