Friday, March 28, 2014

Rescue Dogs in Heavy Snow, Earthquakes, and other Natural Disasters

Written by: Rose Gell Maghinang

A dog is indeed a man’s best friend. They provide great camaraderie, loyalty, and unconditional love to their owners. They might look different to people, but they totally have almost the same characteristics, they have a heart that loves, a brain that thinks smart and they are very compassionate to the people who treats them right. In short, they are not just dogs, for some, they are family member and should be treated as one.

Image from RGJ

That is why it is very important to take good care of these amazing dogs and rescue them in times of natural disasters or every time they need help. Since almost all of them can’t take care of themselves, as responsible owners they should provide all the things that the dogs need to survive in case unfortunate events occur.

Why is it important to rescue dogs in case of Natural Disasters? There are countless of reasons why a person needs to rescue a dog during natural disasters such as:

·         They are part of the family – A dog is definitely a part of the family and as a family member, they need to take care of each other, they need to rescue a dog as much as they can because it is what family member does. It is important to keep them warm in case of heavy snow and keep them safe during any other natural disasters that might harm them.
·         They would sacrifice themselves if they can just to rescue their owner – Dogs are well known to provide unconditional love their owners and during any kind of unfortunate events, they surely won’t hesitate to rescue their owners even if it means risking their own life. It is great to return the favor if possible.

Image from The Dog Files

Those are just some of the reasons why rescuing a dog during natural disasters are very important. Now here are some tips on how to easily rescue them during these unfortunate events:

  • Create a disaster plan for the dog – It is great to always be prepared for natural disasters, while creating a disaster plan for the family, do not forget to include the dogs and any other pets that they have, be sure to include dog food in their pack together with other necessities needed for both the owner and their pets.
  • ID the pet – Make sure to include all the information needed in the dog’s ID including the owners contact number and address so just in case the owner lost their dog during the natural disaster, they can easily track and identify their dog and if someone finds them, they know where to return them.

Image from MST Rescue

Owning a dog is a huge and long-term responsibility, it is almost like having and raising a child for as long as 15 years, it requires time, love, and effort. So if a person is not committed and not yet ready to handle a big responsibility, then it is better to not own a dog at all.

So if it is possible to rescue a dog during natural disasters, a person should do their best to do so. 

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