Monday, April 7, 2014

Be Healthy, Be Wealthy

The old adage, “Health is wealth” will never lose its essence and truth. No matter how often it is said or written, it will remain true. This is why there are a lot of different health products sprouting from one side to another. These products come in different forms including protein shakes. Health allows people to make the most out of life.

A lot of old people envy the young because of their health, strength, and energy. However, good health is for everyone who deserves it. Those who deserve good health are those who work to have it. It is not too difficult to obtain if one knows how to take care of herself or himself. Here are some health tips that people can follow so their bodies will always be at its best condition.

Beauty is Skin Deep

Good health shows on a person’s skin. There are different products available in the market that helps take care of a person’s body which shows beautiful skin as an after effect and there are also some products which mainly aim to give people healthier and more beautiful skin.

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  • Oolong Tea. Teas are great for health and for beauty. One of the exceptionally good teas is the Oolong tea. This is perfect for people who suffer from mild cases of eczema. It helps relieve itchiness and other eczema symptoms.
  • Tea Tree. Tea Tree leaves’ extract works great against athlete’s foot. Just apply it on the affected spots at least twice a day. Teas are great for skin as well as for metabolism.

Break Free from Pains

Pains are signs that there is something wrong in a person’s health. There are different products that people can use to relieve pain and also to prevent it.

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  • Headaches. A good remedy for headaches is peppermint oil, white flower, or tiger balm. These are rubbed into the person’s temples.
  • Muscle and Joint Pains. For such pains, use ointments or creams that contain capsaicin. This element is found in peppers.

Prevention is better than Cure

There are other products that does not only cure medical conditions but also help people prevent potential health problems.
  •  Rosemary. The aroma of Rosemary is enough to help sharpen a person’s mind. This is perfect for those who are about to take an exam. Instead of stopping to smell the flowers, smell Rosemary instead.
  • Sugar-free. Maintain healthy blood sugar levels through incorporating endive, cooked greens, radicchio, and olives into the person’s meals.
  •  Dry no more. For people who usually suffer from dry eyes, the remedy is to eat lots of seafood! 
  • Say yeast. Eat Probiotic rich food such as sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi, and yogurt will help prevent yeast infections.
  • Bilberry Bush. Take bilberry, which is especially great tasting as a jam, to improve a person’s night vision.
  • Go Bananas. Maintain healthy blood pressure and good heart condition through eating bananas, oranges, and cantaloupes.  

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