Thursday, April 24, 2014

Noli me Tangere

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Crisostomo Ibarra is a Filipino who went to Europe to pursue his studies during the Spanish Era. He went home when his father, Don Rafael died. Don Rafael was a very rich businessman.

The story started when Crisostomo went home to the Philippines after his 7-year stay in Europe. Don Santiago, a good family friend, threw a big welcome party for him and it was attended by the most affluent and influential people in their area. The next day, he visited Maria Clara, the love of his life who reread his letters to her which he sent from Europe.

Before he left the town, a civil guard revealed everything he knew about the death of Crisostomo's father including everything else that happened before Don Rafael's death. He was wrongfully accused as Father Damaso did not like it that he did not participate in the Catholic Church's sacraments.

Ibarra continued his father's plans and put up a school. In the inauguration, he almost get killed. Elias, who warned Crisostomo of a planned assassination against him, rescued Ibarra.

Father Damaso insulted Ibarra in a lot of other occasions but the latter chose to ignore these insults. That is, until Father Damaso insulted Don Rafael. He tried to stab Father Damaso which led to Ibarra's excommunication. Father Damaso also warned Don Santiago about her daughter, Maria Clara's relationship with Crisostomo.

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