Monday, April 14, 2014

Change Management: The Business Expansion Secret

Written by: Claire Gellang

People are living a fast paced life today. In order to cope up with this kind of life, change is very essential. Many despise change because it is an indication of extensive and intensive modifications of what is used to be. A lot are even afraid of it yet settling for what you already have and where you used to be is similar to depriving yourself of endless possibilities. In business, entrepreneurs are sometimes in fear of making changes to their businesses. Lack of assurance and the fear of losing their investments are only some of their biggest concerns. Yet, there is something valuable in change management that makes it worth taking the risk especially in the world of business.

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As time goes by, more businesses are getting cognizant to the fact that Change Management is an essential part of projects’ success that will minimize and alleviate risks, boost ROI and perk up user adoption rather than just another trend covered with jargon. A very crucial element to attaining winning projects is to implement change management methodologies and discover how it affects the quality of project’s upshots.  Learning how to administer change to the peak of its effectiveness will improve the success of your projects in all regards. Yet, not every organisation has recognized that Organisational Change Management is indispensable to the success of their change projects. Moreover, many companies that have made this attempt have only done so partly and still need to go further. Without doing such, more appalling events will partake and history will only repeat itself. Experience the serious consequences of ignoring establishing a change management framework and managing change. 

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Managing change is not one of those added function that will be one of countless gobbledygook to tick the box of governance. A healthy modern labour force cannot be productive in an environment that is not based on clear, customized and precise communications and approaches to close the learning curve by closing the information gaps caused by the change. A number of senior managers shun from allowing a full change management method to be incorporated with the project. They don’t consider it “real work” and setting up the change is an opulence and risk which they cannot afford. The irony is that while employees in the business defy the change, people in the project resist a plan to resisting the change.  The excuse of working on time-constrained projects is exactly why change management is required.  The challenge for change practitioners is not only functioning in hassled environments but also working in skeptical environments that compel them to work “below the radar” at times. Multiple companies, on the other hand, have adopted Change Management as a key activity in their business, they still represent a small percentage of all those that would benefit by establishing change capabilities into their daily operations and thus require a change in culture corporate in the growth of change capabilities.

Venturing into business will take and require a lot of courage from people since business is not intended for faint-hearted individuals. In order to extend and widen your business it will also take ample and a high level of courage to make necessary changes. Taking risk by venturing into business does not stop there, embracing change will help your business grow and you as a person as well as widen your horizons making change management essential and necessary.  

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