Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to get NBI Clearance - National Bureau of Investigation Roxas

I am not a big fan of processing documents especially because of long lines with uncertain results. However, with my profession, it is impossible to stay away from such circumstances. I experienced spending a whole day to file for the board exams. Thankfully, I passed so I didn't have to go through that again. Then, I had to spend a whole day to submit the required documents for the license. Another day to pay for it, and one more day to get my license. I know there are many people out there who experienced worse. 

As I was not able to become a regular teacher in my first year of teaching, I have to go through the process of ranking again, this year. One of the required documents for it is the NBI clearance. Thankfully, I had a rather pleasant experience with that. I did not get stressed out at all that's why I was able to take photos to use for this blog post: How to get your NBI clearance

First, you have to fill out a form. Then, when called, go to window 1. In other places, you may be given a number and wait for it to be called or flashed on screen. Here are the rates as of 3/5/2015:

Then, go to Window 2 for data encoding wherein the clerk will verify some of the information in your form. Then, they get your fingerprints. No more of that messy ink, though. They take it digitally. In some cases, like my little fingers, it may require several tries and application of a mystery cream/lotion. Your image will also be taken using their webcam.

In some cases, like in NBI Roxas, window 3 has the same purpose as window 2. In such case, you can now go to window 4 to get your clearance. If you do not have a "hit" or a person with the same name as yours, then you can get your NBI clearance in Roxas for thirty minutes or less. Now, some people lose sleep over getting a "hit" from NBI. It does not mean that you have a criminal record for most cases. It's all a matter of having the same name as another person. Now that gives you a reason to love your name if it's usually misspelled by others.

However, in my case, I have a "hit" so my receipt looks like this:

I was asked to come back after seven days. After seven days, I went straight to window 4 and got my NBI clearance in about five minutes. 

Thank you NBI Roxas for a stress-free NBI clearance experience!

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